Hoses can fail and they will fail. Whether radiator, heater, or fuel hoses they have a limited life. When they let go it's messy, possibly dangerous, and always inconvenient.


Rubber fuel hoses by the carb can start a fire - one definitely to be remembered. If the fuel hoses are over 15 years old, replace them now, not later.


Radiator and heater hoses are good for three to fifteen years. Replace them when they soften up or at 5 year intervals.


Oil cooler hoses should last 15-20 years, but when they let go you have an underhood mess. Change them whenever any bulges, softness, or leaks start to show.


If you have never replaced the flexible brake hoses then you need to do so. If after bleeding the brakes properly, the brakes still feel spongy, it could be that the hoses have softened, and bulge outward when you apply the brakes.


Remember that flexible brake and clutch hoses may look good on the outside but they may be swelling internally preventing the hydraulic fluid from flowing through properly.