Following is some advice about how best to store a car during the cold winter months.

1.   Store indoors in a well enclosed area to prevent entry of bad weather, cats, squirrels, birds, mice, etc.

2.   Clean and wax exterior finish and chrome. Touch up any paints chips. Wash undercarriage to remove road dirt and oils.

3.   Cover car with a soft material cover.

4.   Put vehicle up on stands if possible.

5.   Make sure hand brake is released.

6.   Lift wipers off the windshield.

7.   Lube all hinges.

8.   Change oil and filter.

9.   Squirt a small amount of oil in each engine cylinder.

10. Flush the radiator and fill with 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze.

11. Clean all leather/vinyl and tires with vinyl/rubber protectant.

12. Close fresh air and heater vents.

13. Remove battery and store indoors. Recharge when needed during storage.

14. Store with a full tank of gas; change fuel filter.

15. Store with the top up, do not fold.